About us

The first HUMANA store in Lithuania was founded in May 1998. Afterwards every year several new stores were opened. Humana People to People Baltic (HPPB) Sorting Centre was opened in the autumn, 1998. At the moment (middle of 2013) there are 59 HUMANA stores in Lithuania. In February 2013, HPPB moved to new and spacious premises on Kibirkšties street 6 in Vilnius. 

HPPB is working successfully and is in a position to support many important community development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as to develop social partnership programme in Lithuania. Moreover, HUMANA stores are also a source of fashionable and inexpensive clothing in Lithuania. 


The Mission Statement of HPPB

  • Humana People to People Baltic desires to see the world with better perspectives for all its inhabitants. HPPB wishes that people were able to live without poverty and be healthy and free.
  • HPPB desires to support people’s efforts to create a better life for themselves and their communities. 
  • HPPB supports projects dealing with agriculture, community development, health, education and environment. HPPB believes that work within these areas is one of the main preconditions for sustainable development.